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Welcome to the world of Mofazzal Hoq, an architect and visionary designer dedicated to transforming spaces into extraordinary experiences. With a Bachelor of Architecture Degree and a Diploma in Engineering Degree, he possesses a solid educational background that serves as the foundation for his outstanding work. Combining expertise in Architectural Design, Interior Design, and Project Management, Mofazzal consistently delivers exceptional results that leave a lasting impact. With meticulous attention to detail, innovative thinking, and a commitment to sustainable design, Mr. Hoq stands out as a trusted name in the industry. Explore his portfolio and witness the fusion of creativity and functionality that defines his unique approach to architecture and design.

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Introducing Mofazzal: A Visionary Architect Defining Excellence in Design

Mofazzal is an esteemed Architect, Founder & Creative Head at Sthapati Angan, and Sr. Architect at Axis Group (Habitation Development Ltd.). With a strong educational background and a wealth of professional experience, Mofazzal has established himself as a driving force in the field of architecture. With a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Lovely Professional University in Punjab, India, and a Diploma in Engineering Degree from Feni Polytechnic Institute in Chattogram, Bangladesh, Mofazzal combines technical expertise with a profound understanding of design principles.

During Mofazzal's architectural education, he gained valuable hands-on experience through internships at prestigious firms. As an Intern Architect at Sense Art and Architecture in Lucknow in 2020, Affirm Design Studio in Jalandhar in 2018, and the Housing and Building Research Institute in Dhaka in 2015, Mofazzal honed their skills and developed a comprehensive understanding of the profession.

With three years of professional & nine years of academic experience, Mofazzal has excelled in various aspects of architecture, including Architectural Design, Interior & Product Design, Urban Planning, and Construction Project Management. His expertise spans across multiple disciplines, enabling him to deliver exceptional results on multifaceted projects.

Mofazzal's technical proficiency in industry-leading software sets him apart as a versatile architect. He is highly proficient in AutoCAD for precise drafting, Revit for advanced Building Information Modeling (BIM), and Rhino, Sketchup & 3ds Max for intricate 3D modeling. Additionally, his mastery of V-Ray & Lumion allows for stunning renderings and animations that bring designs to life. Proficiency in Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator & PowerPoint enables Mofazzal to create captivating presentations, while his skills in Premiere Pro facilitate engaging video editing. With Microsoft Word & Excel, Mofazzal ensures meticulous documentation and effective data management throughout his projects.

Architecture has become an integral part of Mofazzal's daily routine and personal life. He finds immense joy in the practice of architecture, engaging in continuous research, learning, and sharing of knowledge. Mofazzal's unwavering commitment to growth and improvement drives him forward, keeping him motivated in this never-ending journey of learning.

Mofazzal's approach to architecture goes beyond technical expertise. He possesses a unique ability to blend artistry, functionality, and sustainability, creating designs that not only inspire but also enhance the lives of those who interact with him. His deep appreciation for the profession fuels his passion, resulting in exceptional architectural solutions that leave a lasting impact.

As an architect, Founder & Creative Head, and Sr. Architect, Mofazzal continues redefining design boundaries, setting new standards of excellence. His visionary approach, paired with a relentless pursuit of knowledge, establishes Mofazzal as a trusted name in the world of architecture. With every project undertaken, he demonstrates a commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and the realization of clients' aspirations.

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